Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Stuff

I love babies and all the cute little things that go with them. I like to make baby quilts. Their cute and they go together relatively quickly, since they’re small. Plus they are cute. Oh, I already said that? It’s worth repeating. Not only are they small, which automatically gives them a push on the cuteness meter, but they has the sweetest subjects—baby dresses, little baby animals, teddy bears. I could go on.

Kate's Baby quilt (sweet little dresses):

Gabby's Baby quilt (little embroidered blocks--flowers, hearts, animals, a Star of David with a cross inside, and other simple designs free handed ala Kristy):

detail of Gabby's Quilt:

My Baby Quilt (I didn't make this one--it was from my great aunt):

Gabby is showing you how one might use it. She's helpful that way!

A bear quilt for if Gabby had been William or Thaddeus or some other male (we didn't know gender--and, obviously didn't have a name picked out):

A picture of Kate with my dear friend in front of a quilt I made (not a baby quilt, but it represented each of the students we had worked with together):

And the first of the baby quilts, I made this for us, before I was even pregnant. It's a Noah's Ark theme and it's a nice big size for the floor:

Anyway, since Justin and I aren’t planning on having any more babies in the near future, I have to enjoy the baby stuff for my friends. One of my two friends that is expecting this summer emailed yesterday. She hadn’t had a nursery theme, but decided yesterday she wanted to do owls. Could I help her make curtains? Now I get to sew cute baby stuff and I don’t even have to buy the materials.

We sent a few emails back and forth and I found some examples online. We chatted a bit on the phone. We’ll probably make a simple panel curtain (like the one I made for Kate’s room) and put owls on the valance. She liked a cute sleepy looking owl, so I drew up a pattern, got out some scraps and played with my sewing machine after the girls went to bed.

What do you think?

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