Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Funny

Me: Nate, why aren’t you cleaning?

N: Ellie [who is supposed to be working with him] is down here playing.

J: The boy has a point.

E: The boy has a pony!?  Where?

Friday, July 5, 2019

Friday Funny

E: [peeking in the room I was painting] Mama, you're painting so good!

M: Thank you, Ellie.

E: You don't paint as good as Jesus though.

M: Um, well, I am just painting a room; He paints the skies.

 I  don’t think I want to try to compete in that competition...

Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Funny

Justin: It was raining cats and dogs when I left.

Gabby: That must have caused quite an allergic reaction.  I hope you didn't step in a poodle. šŸ©

Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday Funny

Dolphins are naked.  Crabs are also naked, so don't look at them.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Funny

G: I can touch the ceiling! [from the bathroom she's preparing to paint]
K: Are you standing on the toilet?
G: No, I'm not standing in the toilet!
K: ON not IN!  [three second pause] From a poop pot you came, and to a poop pot you shall return.

If you don't know the context for that, here is the 2011 poop pot post.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Here in the south it is not typical to have seventy degree highs in June, but that we have this week.  It has been so pretty.  Perfect for hiking, but not for these kiddos.

We only keep our YMCA membership for the summer, so my silly geese have been asking to go, despite the cool weather.  Two of the days I opted to stay out of the water!  They swam anyway.  Today, after an hour, Katie gave up and sat in the sun/wind, a bit later, Ellie decided to be done too.

So grateful for these fun memories, even if they are chilly memories!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

20 on Our 20th

1. We met at a Wesley Foundation.
2. We began 'dating' on a mission trip to Chicago.
3. Our first date was after we came back was to see a musical from my former high school.
4. On our first Valentines Day, Justin was at a chemistry conference.
5. By the next year, we were married.
6. Our honeymoon was at Cumberland Falls.
7. The fellow who leased us our first apartment complained that the linoleum, which was peeling up, wasn’t clean enough before we moved out, so I pooled diluted bleach on the floor for awhile—we got our deposit back.
8. We moved to Northern Kentucky, so I could teach on the Kentucky side of the river (where I had a certificate), and he could go across to UC. His commute was shorter.
9. Before we even moved in to our first house, we gutted the only bathroom, replacing the floor, walls, and fixtures.  The ceiling was the only things that stayed!
10. We thought we would stay there forever, but only lived there for four years.
11. Justin took the cat when he moved to Alabama ahead of Katie and me, as we stayed to sell the house.
12. The house in Alabama (where we lived for 9 months) fell under more tornado warnings than our house in Kansas (where we lived for 3 years).
13. I've been in a MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group in every state we've lived in.  Katie (and soon Gabby) serves in their childcare now.
14. Between us, we've taught every level from kindergarten through senior in college. (Me: 9th-12th when I taught public school, homeschooled k-8; Him: college)
15. All of our children were delivered by midwives.  The one who was with us for Gabby was not on call when Nate was born, but she came for us anyway.
16. We've lived at our current address for nearly twice as long as anywhere else we've ever lived.
17. We've watched the series Frazier twice.
18. The first time we saw a movie in the same theater, we weren't dating yet (we were there with different sets of friends), and ran in to some other Wesley Foundation friends too.  Justin and Nick sat in the row behind all of us girls, then during a jump-scare, Justin grabbed the seats of the our friends, Karen and Jenna.  The whole row jumped!  There were many threats uttered.
19. The summer before we got married, the dorm Justin lived in had perpetual issues with the fire alarm.  We would take Justin's room mate, Alex, and head to Denny's for pie and coffee.
20. When we got to NKY, we'd go to Perkins instead, since it was super close.  Between kids and diabetes, we gave up our pie dates long ago.