Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Funny

E: She [Katie] gets to swim under a waterfall!  It's even worse than I thought!

*Our Ellie is not enjoying seeing her siblings grow up and do things without her.*

Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday Funny

E: So what did you drink when you went to that drinking place?

**a winery tasting**

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Once upon a time...

I was teaching at a rural high school in Kentucky, not too far from Cincinnati.  I had a brand new teaching assistant that day.  He hadn’t even finished out his two week notice at his previous employer, a gas station.  He was in for the busiest night of his position there that night, but didn’t know it yet.

The day was beautiful, and my class of students with disabilities had been away at PE for second period.  I'd been busy preparing for lessons when I heard them returning.  As the class came in, my first teaching assistant came in and asked me to turn on the TV.  I don't think we'd had it on yet that year, and found that the sound didn’t work, so we watched the skies of New York and later D. C. and a field in Pennsylvania with closed captions running.

I reached for the phone to have my husband watching.  I emailed my mom—I didn’t own a cell phone.  My cousin's train ran under the World Trade Center.  She had a long walk home, but was safe.

One of my students kept asking the question we all did, “Why?”

The physicality of signing the words, “A plane hit the building,” over and over is burned in my memory.

Justin and I had dinner plans with friends that night.  We kept them.  At dinner their phone rang, and they heard there was a run on gas.  Justin and the two of them went to fill up cars, while I sat with their little girl.  Then we watched, replays and rescue efforts, commentators, men dancing in the streets in a far away land.  We saw our President promise to keep prices from skyrocketing in people's panic.  We saw prayer vigils and flags.  Our nation united...for a time.

It was savage and beautiful: the acts of kindness in the face of tragedy.  People showed up: they drove boats to evacuate Manhattan, dug through rubble, and held open doors. They put up pictures in hopes of finding loved ones, lit candles, and joined in prayer.

It was 9/11.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Funny

G (after making Katie laugh so hard that she spewed water from her nose): Well, I can check that one off my bucket list!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday Funny

G: (checking the ratings on a video) That interview [of the Hunger Games cast] is marked 'unrated!’

E: Is that movie rated ‘R’ for disturbing images?

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Summer is for resting

Painting bathrooms

Replacing toilet lids

Anniversary Celebrations

Refinishing tables

 Practicing words

Getting ahead on P.E. hours for freshman year


Post Card Exchanges

Earning badges

Summer Camp

Teaching sewing

Amusement parks

Movie Theaters

And Drive-Ins

Libraries and Harry Potter's Birthday


Camping in a cave

Building Round Pens (for a ministry that rescues horses to serve people, mostly children, who have suffered trauma)

Recruiting for AHG

And resting (with Gam's puppies)

Monday, August 5, 2019

Back to School recover from our last two weeks.

We have had a joyfully busy end of summer.

The older two girls and I went to an American Heritage Girls' summer camp.  They earned lots of badges, and I taught badge work (beginning and advanced sewing), did dishes, handled health and safety at my end of camp at night (I was the person to wake if someone was ill or to watch the cabins to be sure girls stayed in during a lightening was a peaceful as could be expected), manned bounce houses, hiked out with the girls building their shelters to spend the night in (Yay! Gabby!), and sat in with some Leaders in Training (young ladies under the age of 21 who taught badge work, but needed an older person there to maintain the guidelines of our organization.  Justin had the younger ones at home, going on hikes, doing all the meals and laundry, and generally keeping them busy.

Last week was three days of working with a young lady in our troop on her Stars and Stripes Project (a 100+ hour service project for a non-profit, planning, fundraising, and executing the project, while supervising younger youth).  I heard we moved between five and seven metric tons of gravel on Saturday (5 girls aged 8 to 17, their moms, and two fellows)!

Last week we also saw the orthodontist, visited the eye doctor, made a final trip to our YMCA pool for the summer, went to a double feature at the drive in (and didn’t get home until a quarter to two!), dropped by the library, drove to meet my parents to let Ellie visit with them for two of those work days, Justin and Nate went camping (in a cave),  the older girls and I went to visit my parents (and their new puppies) for a quick visit and to pick up Ellie, and had lunch with my sister too.

So school...we'll stay home a little more and see if we can catch our breath.  Don't breathe too deeply though. Trail Life starts tomorrow!