Monday, December 17, 2018

Kindergarten at Christmas Break

We've mainly worked in Five in a Row this semester, which I love.  We've done several fun books: Lentil, Cranberry Thanksgiving, and Ping to name a few.  Ellie is reading quite a few sounds, as we've passed the half way point in the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  Her handwriting has grown by leaps and bounds, having started the year only able to write the letters "ElliE."  She still gets frustrated in trying to make things fit on those primary writing lines, but she has gained a great deal of skill.

I did find that the Miquon Orange book I picked up was not quite where she was yet.  The first several pages were a great fit, but it quickly switched to written numbers, assuming that had been taught previously.  While Ellie could count, we hadn't taught her to read and write numbers.  (My stance is that school begins early enough, so we don't do 'preschool,' beyond reading with the kids.)  So we backed up a bit.  We've been working on a dot to dot book, which starts with 1-10 and a chart at the top, so she can be sure to be getting them in order, and moves up to 1-20 as well as a Kumon book for numbers 1-30.

This last week, we've worked on geography...from planet Earth to our particular house.  Here is our gal, with her work.

 Excuse my blotting skills, but I don't exactly want to give out our address!

Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 5, 2018


A copy of the note I sent my Grannie on her very last birthday this side of heaven:

Dear Grannie,

Thank you for all the school performances, ball games, and church events you've attended.

Thank you for remembering that Chantel likes macaroni and cheese and that Drew's favorite is chocolate cake.  Thank you for making pineapple pudding for me when you made banana pudding for everyone else because you knew I didn't like banana.

Thank you for teaching us to eat watermelon with salt, that recipes are optional, and dinner is ready when the smoke detector goes off.

Thank you for teaching me how to do smocking by using gingham fabric to learn spacing, how to make a toy from a button and thread, and sharing how you rolled a hoop with the boys.

Thank you for the curtains you've made for homes, the quilts that we have slept under, and the doll clothes that have been played with.

Thank you for showing us a strong work ethic: the board being set up over the dining room table on Sunday evenings after dinner so you could work through the week; the years of hard work you put in raising a family, working a farm, and working away from home.

Thank you for letting me put your hair up in rollers as we watched Little House on the Prairie.

Thank you for reading the books you knew I loved so  you could learn more about me--from Anne of Green Gables to Les Miserables.

Thank you for supporting me when we started homeschooling the children.

Thank you for being Grannie to everyone who walked through your door, regardless of kinship.

Thank you for loving us all, listening to us all, and laughing with us all.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday Funny

E: You always laugh at me when I get mad at you here (at my parents).

Me: I'm sorry, can you tell me what happened?

E: Don't you remember?

Me: No honey, can you help me understand?

E: I don’t remember!  

Friday, November 23, 2018

Friday Funny

During a heated debate about which is better, chocolate or butterscotch pie, “Butterscotch is less verbal, which makes it better.”

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Our fellow is nine today!

 He is such a good brother, taking the fact he is surrounded by girls so often in stride.

He is pretty chill.

He likes ties and ripped up pants.

He loves tools, trains, and Trail Life.

We are grateful he is ours.

Happy Birthday, Nate!

Love always,

Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Funny

As we use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, we start with sounds, not letter names.  Ellie was looking at her handwriting book, and I hear, “It's an u'side do'n 'mmm.'”

*A 'w'

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


H-A-Double L-O-Double U-Double E-N spells Halloween.

 The kids have been enjoying a book series called Keeper of the Lost Cities, so they decided to dress as characters from the books.

 Ellie is Bianna

Katie is Sophie

 Gabby is the alicorn, Silviney

 Nate is Keefe

Happy Trick-or Treating!