Thursday, May 31, 2012

Picture Day

Since our littles are home with us, I have to make sure I am in charge of picture day!  Some families do their own, which is wonderful, but a photog I am not, nor do I even have a camera that would let me impersonate one, so we make trips to a local studio.  Actually, we make several trips to a local studio.

Each child has his or her own 'picture' day.  There are a few of reasons for that.  The first is we only have to have on person ready for pictures that way, which worked out especially well when Kate's eyes had not returned to normal after being dilated the day before, so Gabby took her place.  The second reason being, that we only have to wait for one person to have their picture taken, one set of proofs prepared, one set of pictures chosen--so they have less time to get bored.  The third reason is financial.  If I go one three different days, I can use a coupon for each of the sittings.  The savings is about $45--each.

I know pictures aren't all that important to some people, but I treasure them.  I love having these pictures up on the wall and in photo albums.  And I love looking back on some of my old photos.  We'll do our best to forget a few of those now outdated hair styles though.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday Funny

K: Daddy. can you sit down and I'll read to you.

J: I'm afraid I'll fall asleep if I sit down.

K: Can you stand up and I'll read to you?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Going for a Walk

I took the littles for a walk.

The girls decided it was torture.

"It's too hot."

"I'm sweating."

"Can I rest here in the shade?"

Nate, however was fascinated...because there was dog poo on the sidewalk.

N: "Dogs poop on the sidewalk?"
Me: "Yes."
N: "Dogs Poop on the sidewalk.  Babies poop on the floor."

Not sure what babies Nate's been hanging around, but this Mama learned her lesson about babies pooping on the floor several years ago.  Speaking of potties, the little guy is pretty well day time potty trained!  Yay Nate!  And he was easier than the girls (at least to date), go figure.  I always heard boys were more difficult.  I won't complain though!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Funny

Sometimes when Nate giggles, it makes my giggle come out.  I try to stop it, but it is just too strong. -Gabby

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bread Pudding

Me (in warning to Justin, who dislikes bread pudding): I made bread pudding for tonight.
K: Bread pudding?  What's bread pudding?  Is it for dessert?
Me: Yes, it is for dessert.
K: I love bread pudding!
Me: ?!?But you don't even know what it is!?!
K: (gone)

*     *     *     *     *

After the children ate bread pudding:
K: This is better than ice cream!
G: I want this for my birthday cake!
N: Mo', p'ease!

*     *     *     *     *

So thank you Betty Crocker and the stale bread I baked last week, my kids are grateful.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Macaroni Day

In case you didn't know, my Kate, she is a talker.  She is comfortable talking to just about anyone about just about anything.  This can be difficult, but mostly it is a blessing.  She really makes people feel special and she's bright and articulate, so she does it well.

Yesterday, in her chatting, she reminded me just how scheduled I am--we have grocery day, library day, gymnastics day, church day, etc.  We went to the grocery store (it was a Monday after all).  I shook it up a little, since we've finished school, so we went in the morning.  One of the other reasons I had switched to afternoons is that then we've already had lunch and there is no temptation to visit the golden aches as a quick lunch. we were waiting for our daughter is chatting with another patron.  She says, "Today is Monday so we're having McDonald's.  Tomorrow is Tuesday, so we'll have macaroni.  Wednesday we'll have peanut butter."

At least I rotate the days we have certain vegetables.  At least I thought I did.  I served up the mac & cheese with corn and I hear,"Yellow Day!" ...just like I did two weeks ago.  Oops.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two and a Half!

My little fellow is two and a half today!  Here is what he has to say about life these days.

What is your name? Nate

How tall are you? up there (pointing at ceiling) (actually 2' 11")

What are you really good at? playing upstairs (pointing to the family room)

What is you favorite toy? balls, cash registers

What is your favorite game? UNO Moo

What is your favorite thing to eat? sandwich

Where is your favorite place to go? go in car, drive home

Who is your best friend? Dominic

What is you favorite thing to read about? pig books

What is your favorite thing about Daddy? tickle me on my tummy

Mama? Mama's kissing me

Kate? Katie Beth help me with these pictures.

Gabby? Gabby Georgia-'Ree S***** play with me.

One shoe on, one shoe off, diddle, diddle, dumplin' my son Nate.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Justin!

by Kate, Gabby, and Nate

My Daddy’s name is Justin J***** S***** • JustinDaddy.

He is 4' 80" • 35' 85" • 11' 5" tall.

He weighs 100 • 85-60 • 797  pounds.

His eyes are brown • brown • good .

His favorite book is The Horse and His Boy • The Horse and His Boy • The Gospel.

He likes to go to the zoo • to the park • in the car.

His favorite food is eggplant parmigiana • meat • french fries.

For fun he likes to tickle me • to tickle us • running to tickle me.

I love my Daddy when he hugs me • hugs me • is eating with me.

My favorite thing about my Daddy is he reads to me • when he kisses me • running around.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Funny

Me (to Kate, after she played go-for for me): "Thanks honey!"

Nate: "No! I-honey; Kate-Katie Beth."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Break

We have finished our scheduled 180 day school year!  Another successful year on the books.  It isn't always easy to be Mama and teacher, but for the summer I get to mostly just be Mama.

Well, after I file all the papers anyway.

That means we are packing up some, but not all of our books for the summer.  We are still working on math over the summer.  It has not been easy for her (or on us) to get through the math facts, so we're not letting them go for a few months and hoping for the best in the fall...  Our current plan is to work on math drills two days a week and on her workbook two days a week.  The drills take maybe 10 minutes and the workbooks are longer, but could be done in 30 minutes, depending on her attitude and the particular assignment.

She loves to read, so I'm not concerned about that subject.  She grew by leaps and bounds last summer despite a move and lack of anything structured.  I did ask the girls for a list of things they would like us to read about this summer.  The list consists of a wide variety of topics from the human brain to the alphabet, giants to Scotland, and cars to Ananazi the spider.

Gabby and I will also work a bit on her reading over the summer, while we don't have a full set of lessons for two children to work on, since that's been pushed aside during the year.

Happy Summer to you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

As promised...

I ordered How the World Works a couple of weeks ago.  It has been one I've been considering for awhile, but since we're going to be studying geology in the fall, now seemed the very best time.

It might be called a pop-up book (and there are some pretty impressive pop ups), but it is less a pop up book and more a moving book.  There are tabs to pull, wheels to spin, and booklets to flip through.

My favorite page is the one that teaches plate tectonics.  You can see mountains and volcanoes formed and one plate passing over another.  It is a truly great visual.

I would be remiss if I did not note that this book takes evolution as indisputable fact.  The list of possible sources for the beginning of life includes aliens, but not God as a prime mover.

I think it is a very good book, both visually and kinesthetically on the scientific side, for many people the book will require some theological supplementation.  I, personally, try to avoid creation/evolution topics with the age my children are currently, but especially for older children, this might be a good stepping off point for discussing both views and where your family stands.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Funny

Mama, I love you with all that is inside of me.

I love Kate with all of my blood vessels. (giggle)

I love Nate with all of my...kidneys! (laughter)

I love Daddy with all that is inside of me too.