Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Funny

One day last week I was running low on powdered cappuccino mix.  I've not been drinking much coffee, so this has been my mid-morning thing lately.  It fills me up between breakfast and lunch.  Anyway, I didn't have quite enough powder, so I figured I'd round it out with some hot cocoa mix.  But then I realized I added unsweetened cocoa powder.  I added some sugar and milk, but it just wasn't any good.

Fast forward to this week.

I got some new mix at the store and was mixing some up on Tuesday, as Kate was in the kitchen getting water between math problems.

"Make sure that's not straight cocoa powder."

Ah, the joys of a smart mouth seven year old who is home during the day...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shakespeare in the Park

We made the trek downtown for Shakespeare in the park again this year.  This year they were doing Midsummer Night's Dream.  This is Kate's favorite Shakespeare, so far anyway.  We've seen a children's version at the library before.

We got a spot right down front.  The fairies were constantly in motion.  They came around and stole food, played with our shoes, and toward the end one of them took the girls to go dance with her around the small stage in the middle of the park.  Gabby turned down the opportunity at first, but went when Kate decided to go.  They were thrilled to be part of the show.  Unfortunately you can't take pictures during the show, so I don't have any of my little fairies.

When we left Nate told us, "We need to bring the baby.  She likes it!"

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I made myself a to-do list and (well) before term (Yesterday!), I was able to get it completed.

I made cute little baby shoes.

The bags are packed with clothes, food, and stuff to keep the little people fed.

My upstairs freezer is cleaned out.

My downstairs freezer is well stocked (that's a triple batch of white chili I put up).

We have toilet paper, shampoo, soap, and sugar to last a few weeks.

The birth announcements are all but printed and assembled.

I've also managed to wash the walls, fill photo albums (I was WAY behind on that task), and do a few other odds and ends.

Now we wait...(and probably wait and wait some more).

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Funny

Kate: Until the baby is born, I'm going to wear my cute PJs every night in case we have to go to the hospital in the night.

Me: They do need to go through the wash occassionally, you know.

Kate: Thankfully, I have many cute PJs.

Okay then!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Try, Try Again

Among home schoolers, it is often said that if a curriculm isn't working for your family set it aside and choose a new one.  That can be a pretty expensive philosophy, so I try very hard to research quite a bit before I order our books.  So far we have been able to use everything I bought...until this year.

Kate is in third grade and she said she wanted to learn cursive.  I found Pictures in Cursive, which honestly, I do really like.  The passages are short, which I thought would be good for her, but it didn't work for her at all.  I ordered Handwriting Without Tears.  We have only done the first lesson (not even any letters yet) and there have already been tears (Do I get my money back? ha!).  Hopefully we'll find that this book works, if I can convince the gal to follow the directions.  She was crying because I erased the incorrectly formed shape and had her try again.  Not a catastrophe at all, so hopefully she'll get past it quickly and like the simplified cursive soon. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Funny

Me: Please put your swimming trunks away in the top drawer.

Nate: I don't know where my water wings are.

Me: I don't need you to put those away.  Please put your swimming trunks in the drawer.

Nate: I'll put away Gabby's bathing suit.

Me: Please put your swimming trunks in the drawer.

I wonder if the trunks have made it into the drawer yet or if he decided to put away a stray toy or something else...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Funny

Nate: Gam's kindle ran out of juice.

Me: So it needed to be charged?

Nate: No, it needed a drink!

Watch out for your electronic devices...I can't convince the kid they don't need OJ!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Now I can say the baby is due next month!!

Can't wait to meet her!