Monday, August 19, 2013

Try, Try Again

Among home schoolers, it is often said that if a curriculm isn't working for your family set it aside and choose a new one.  That can be a pretty expensive philosophy, so I try very hard to research quite a bit before I order our books.  So far we have been able to use everything I bought...until this year.

Kate is in third grade and she said she wanted to learn cursive.  I found Pictures in Cursive, which honestly, I do really like.  The passages are short, which I thought would be good for her, but it didn't work for her at all.  I ordered Handwriting Without Tears.  We have only done the first lesson (not even any letters yet) and there have already been tears (Do I get my money back? ha!).  Hopefully we'll find that this book works, if I can convince the gal to follow the directions.  She was crying because I erased the incorrectly formed shape and had her try again.  Not a catastrophe at all, so hopefully she'll get past it quickly and like the simplified cursive soon. 

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