Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Raining Cereal

So, this morning, a certain child at my house, decided the normal place for storing the Rice Krispies in the pantry was not ideal.  I heard her fuss, fume, and announce she would find a new location.  I let it go, knowing this child was trying to get a reaction.  Ten minutes later she got it...the plastic cereal box we were using fell to the ground, upside down, lid flying off and scattering the remaining half of the family sized cereal box on the kitchen floor.  I preserved only the cereal that landed on the lid.  All else was lost...  Though maybe she learned my location was best after all!

A few hours later, I went upstairs to go through Gabby's clothes with her, as we were evaluating the kids' spring/summer wardrobe needs.  I left Nate working on math and Kate to hang out with Ellie.  Ten minutes later I come down to an exasperated Kate.  They were playing hide-and-go-seek, but instead of hiding Ellie dumped paper clips.  As Kate was picking up paper clips, Ellie dumped the remaining Rice Krispies...

So that was my morning!