Wednesday, August 19, 2015


So, if you've been around long, you've probably noticed I keep this place pretty uncontroversial.  I am unashamedly a Christian, a home schooler, and Southern, but I don't touch politics or most other subjects that stir up ire here, not because I don't have opinions on those matters, but because I know no one has changed my mind by spewing something on the internet.  If you want my take on those things, let's sit down and have a chat.

I got flamed for infant baptism in a comment.  I get notifications when a comment comes in, but I let it go until it was pointed out to me that the comment was on a recent post.  As it was posted not with my original post on my children being baptized, I have removed it.  He also linked to his own blog and it seemed that the reply was one copied and pasted, which is a bit spammy.

I've hemmed and hawed (see, southern there) about how to reply or whether to bother.  I decided to go ahead.  The commenter quoted scriptures that I've heard my entire life, including one about a whole family being baptized (in Acts 16), since our whole family includes children, this is where many decided paedobaptism is proper--if the head of the household believed the entire household was baptized.  That, and the transition from the blood sacrifices of the Old Testament to the water in the New.  The young boys of the Jewish faith were marked by circumcision, the people of the new covenant, including their children, are marked by baptism.

It took us being established in a church for a good while, sure we were ready to set down roots before we chose to have our children baptized.   Here is why...people often feel very strongly on this topic.  Justin and I feel that there are essentials, things that truly mark a people as Christian.  Infant versus adult baptism is not one of those.
     - Jesus told the thief next to him that he would join him in paradise. (No chance to be baptized)
     - We are told to go to heaven the only thing we MUST do is believe.  (No requirement to be baptized)
     - And as for the full submersion, I've read arguments that the river wasn't full enough to allow that, not that I'm sure that it matters...

So, if you want to pick a fight, you came to the wrong place.  We have chosen to fall under the authority of our local church, which recommends infant baptism.  If you choose to wait to have your children baptized, I see no fault in that either.  If that's what your church requires, then it is good you are under the authority they have, so long as the foundational theology is accurate.

The one thing I did disagree completely with Mr. Commenter on is that little children have not sinned and do not need to repent.  Little children do not need to be taught to be selfish or deceptive.  Our one year old has been hiding behavior that she knows we disapprove of for months.  She will take things that she knows don't belong to her and hide them.  No one taught her how.  She is fallen, but she is loved and forgiven.

Now, you can comment, since I brought it up. :)  I won't even delete it this time, so long as you are civil.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Funny

Nate: Those bird's wing leafs.

Me: You mean feathers?


*     *     *     *     *

Nate: What are those yellow flowers in the garden?

Me: Marigolds.

Nate: Do bees like miracles?