Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Kate-ism

You know that it’s time for an election to be over when your three year old (who listens to very little radio and watches even less TV) is saying, “I’m John McCain.” We haven’t gotten her to say, “And I support this message,” but I bet if we had to hear another week of political ads that might be in there too.

Happy Election Day! I've voted, have you?

Halloween:Trick or Treat

Kate was so excited about Trick or Treating this year. We had her and Gabby ready and headed over to the university so she could trick-or-treat in the dorm. She had so much fun. Everyone thought that it was really cute that she carried a treasure chest to collect her bounty.

She also got to play a couple of games in the lobby. She won a pumpkin that’s supposed to expand in water—it didn’t work though. Bummer. The didn’t get the concept of the Yo-Yo walk (like a cake walk except you got a yo-yo) or hot potato though.

Then we headed off to the mall for a little more fun. We were really surprised that some of the scary costumes didn’t phase her, since she’s been terrified to visit certain corners of major retailers where they have their Halloween stuff, particularly the ones that move or make noise. I guess she thought the candy was worth it!

Gabby did a great job playing the accompanying parrot, but of course was left out of most of the festivities. She was a good sport and let Kate enjoy the spotlight.

By the way, we had ONE trick-or-treater. I guess percentage wise that's a huge jump though, right?