Saturday, April 18, 2015

7 1/2

1. What is your favorite color? blue-green
2. What is your favorite toy?my large bear
3. What is your favorite fruit? grapes
4. What is your favorite tv show? Looney Tunes
5. What is your favorite movie? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azcaban
6. What is your favorite thing to wear? my flower dress
7. What is your favorite animal? yorkies
8. What is your favorite song? This Isn't Hogwarts
9. What is your favorite book? Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
10. Who is your best friend? Riley
11. What is your favorite snack? cookies
12. What is your favorite drink? root beer
13. What is your favorite breakfast? chocolate chip pancakes
14. What is your favorite lunch? mac & cheese
15. What is your favorite dinner? Christmas dinner: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a lot more
16. What is your favorite game? UNO Moo
17. What is your favorite thing to play outside? making Polyjuice potion
18. What is your favorite holiday?  Easter
19. What do you sleep with at night? elephant, penguin, big bear, my blanket, and my pillow
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? a mother

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Life has been so full lately!  My old computer committed Hara-Kiri, so I've been a little behind on getting pictures downloaded and blogging.

We've been plugging away at our school year--we'll be finished with our history book today!  We're rotating history and science this year, so we get more immersed in the subject, and my poor brain isn't trying to keep track of the rotation.  The girls are both ahead already in next year's math books, and we have several weeks left to finish up the rest of the year.

I've also been working to help start a MOPS (Mother's of Pre-Schoolers) group at my church.  I've been able to serve in hospitality (getting things ready for the meetings, leading activities, and presenting devotionals) and as a discussion group leader.  We have all been helping out in childcare too.  Our group also offered a diaper changing and nursing station at a local fair, so Gabby and I volunteered there one afternoon.  We started with a small group of moms, but the interest is so great we expect the program to explode in the fall when we open registration to the entire community.

March started with snow days,

held a spring break trip to the zoo,

and ended with an AHG luau, postponed from one of the February snows.  Speaking of AHG the older girls have been busy with their troop.  They've earned a lot of badges and patches already this year.  They have a spring camp out that will give them each a few more opportunities as well as summer camp.

Nate has been working with me to learn how to read.  He asks most days lately to read out of 'the yellow book' (How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons).  We're about 1/3 of the way through the book, and he's doing great!

Cuteness in a box

Double Trouble, otherwise known as, "What do you do with the other kids when you're having school?"
"Why, store them in a box, of course!"