Sunday, October 31, 2010


We had great pumpkin carving weather here last weekend, so we got our jack-o-lanterns ready then.

Each kiddo got a 'them' sized pumpkin. They posed nicely for about 2 seconds.

Then this happened!

Nate was quite proud of himself walking around with his pumpkin.


Look out Gabby. It might bite!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Say What?!

Our music minister chose a song for the children to sing, that we may or may not fully agree with, but contains the words, "I'm not decended from monkeys." Kate, however is singing the completely noncontroversial lyrics, "I'm not defended by monkeys!"

We have had a random Happy Meal toy from when Gabby was a newborn that is a hippo that says some phrases that I assume come from a movie. It took Justin and I a long time to decipher them all, like "Alrighty boys, let's go!" Kate started shouting, "All lady-boys, let's go!"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Under the Weather

I've spent the week under the weather, and I don't just mean the tornadoes we had here on Tuesday, which thankfully didn't cause us any trouble. I was really wondering how come I was having such a hard time. I've been more sick than this before. When I was teaching, I would go to work, even if I couldn't talk. So why was it so hard now?

That's when it hit me, aside from the obvious (of having two or three assistants while I taught), was the other fairly obvious thing that had escaped me... Before when I was sick, I would come in, work 8 hours or so, and then go home to a quiet house. I'd likely take a nap, almost certainly put no prep work into dinner, and vegetate all night. At this point none of those three things is an option.

So, despite the fact I've been ill, I've prepared meals and snacks for the munchkins, taught Kate, paid bills, run errands, made butterfly wings, made late night trips to break up squabbles in the girls' room, and so on.

So, while I have the greatest job in the world, being on call 24/7 has made being ill a little more trying. So, it's okay if I have a load of laundry or two that still needs to be folded, I don't bake fresh bread for dinner, and if I had to cut back on the read alouds this week because of my scratchy throat. I forget to give myself permission to be human sometimes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kate Tells a Story

I got Kate a journal the other day. I saw it sitting on the shelf at Target and it just seemed perfect. Anyone who knows Kate knows she likes to tell stories, so we got this for her to write about things that have happened or fun stories that she creates. Plus she gets a chance to practice her writing and drawing skills. And we can all enjoy those crazy things that go on in the mind of my five year this! I had her tell her story, I wrote it down (quickly), and she copied it into her book.

Once upon a time there was a pumpkin that was at [our address], and it was scary because it was a vampire. And there was a baby pumpkin that was just a pumpkin. The pumpkins were on fire. They spit on each other to put the fire out.

The End.

*And so you know, I do ask her permission to share her work on my blog.*

FYI: The Journal is a Primary Journal by Mead--not a compensated review, just passing the information on!

Monday, October 25, 2010

We got a notice in the mail on Saturday evening. Technically it is a request for information, but the message rang out loud and clear. I've never had to change insurance with a pre-existing condition, but with Justin's new diagnosis, we're getting our first taste of it. We got a request from our new insurance company for proof of prior coverage after his more recent endocrinologist appointment. The point being, of course, if our coverage had lapsed the treatment for his diabetes would not be covered.

We triple checked the dates that our old insurance ended, and I am very thankful that we haven't had a lapse in coverage, but it definitely makes me think of those individuals who have been less fortunate than us, especially when we got the EOB for over $800 for that one visit.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For the Love...

This, my dear friends, is love.

This bracelet, sitting in a bowl, what does it have to do with love? Why is it in there? You don't want to know. Seriously, you don't.

Okay, but you can't say I didn't warn you...

See, I took the kiddos to the grocery today. No, I didn't buy the bracelet because someone asked me for it. We took it with us. I'm pretty strict about not taking toys out of the house, as I'm afraid someone will loose said toy and be sad ever after, but this was a bracelet, and it was on her arm.

We get about three-quarters of the way through the store when Gabby announces that she needs to go potty. Of course, I was worried about school this morning, and shoes, and socks, and convincing the girls not to wear sleeveless shirts when it's only 40 degrees, and I somehow let us leave the house without sending Gabriella to the bathroom first. So we marched back to the restroom, dutifully parked the cart in the hallway outside, and made use of the facilities. As we were preparing to make our get away, the cute little bracelet slipped off of Gabby's arm and...into the toilet. Blech.

Ever the mother, I retrieved said bracelet, wrapped it up and brought it home, and I'm soaking it in bleach, right along with my hands. And that, my dear friends, is love. And germs. But mostly love.

You Create: Ladybug Cake

Miss Gabby asked for an orange and pink lady bug cake for her birthday, so here it is!

The bottom is a 1/4 sheet chocolate cake (standard pan size). Then I baked strawberry cake in a Pyrex bowl and in muffin tins. The body of the bug being from the Pyrex and the head is a cupcake with the bottom cut off and a little edge of it pared down to fit snug next to the body. I used a star tip, and about an hour to cover the body in pink and orange star shaped icing. The eyes are made of white chocolate disks and icing.

The antennae are just a bent pipe cleaner.

Gabriella wasn't a fan of being sung to,

but she did think the cake was tasty.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A is for Ark

I got the idea from Impress your Kids, so a lot of credit goes to her for the idea, but the project is all my own. I have told the girls as we memorize a verse we will make a project to celebrate. The first verse was "A gentle answer turns away anger." We are working on the letters of the alphabet as we go too. Kate knows hers, of course, but we're trying to incorporate Gabby who keeps asking, "Can you school me too?" We made an ark, made beams that formed the letter A, and wrote animals whose names began with the letter a on the side.

Monday, October 18, 2010


My little Gabriella turns three years old today.

On a Thursday evening, we welcomed her.

I remember that outfit, but I can't remember her being that small!

She is fire and ice.

Shy and bubbly, cuddly and rowdy, all depending on her mood.

She's a little mama to her dolly and her brother.

She is both her sister's best friend and bane.

She has an opinion about everything, especially clothes getting her picture taken.

She loves pink and orange, to cook, to wear skirts, and to dance when no one is watching.

My darling daughter, happy birthday! Mama loves you.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In the Shadows

We've talked at length about curriculum choices. This year, being kindergarten, we're mostly focusing on basics and I'm creating much of our supplies. For next year, we've settled on social studies, and math, narrowed it down in Latin and handwriting, decided on an eclectic mix for English, but science has had me paralyzed.

First there is the fact that Justin is a scientist. I am always afraid that I will will make a mistake, because this is one area that he is way above me and I'd hate to goof on something that is so important to him. Then I've also found that much of the home school curriculum is quite firm on a literal 7 day creation. We are more flexible on this point and I'm not quite sure what on earth to pick! So for this year, we're reading a variety of books from the library and having fun with experiments.

We took sidewalk chalk out and traced her outline.

She got to write the times inside them too.

Then we read "My Shadow" by Robert Louis Stevenson. (English and Math integrated) :)

We also made shadows on the wall with a flashlight and teddy bear. I tell you--it's so horrible (please read as dripping with sarcasm) to have to teach science--or maybe it is just play time!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eleven Months

In just one month my little baby will be a little boy.

I know you can't see all of the glove this time, but this was the best shot I got.

Most of them were like this...climbing, crawling, or walking away. Or shoving the glove off the chair.

He's still thin, we're having a hard time keeping 9-12 month pants on him, so I finagled a clip to hold them up in the back.

He played with this guitar at the museum we frequent last week. He loves Justin's guitar.

He's not as big of a talker as the girls were. He repeats us some and asks for Da-da-da in the morning. We hear the girls names from time to time too. Of course, he far surpassed them in physical development, so I'm sure that he's had his mind elsewhere! I'll be grateful that I don't have three children loudly making their opinions known...for now.

Yesterday afternoon, as though in a triumphant celebration of this new month, he climbed on top of the ottoman (he had never done it before). I happened to catch him on video, but he didn't stop with the climbing, no he stood atop Mt. Ottoman, grinning from ear to ear.

He's funny, loves to dance, loves to be sung to, and he's a Mama's boy through and through. Happy 11 months Little Man!

You Create: Ladybug

Gabby girl is going to be a ladybug, with our bug themed Halloween. She was very specific about the colors--pink and orange. She's as cute as a bug too, but not much of a fan of the whole posing for the camera, so you'll have to take my word for it with this view.
Align Center
She asked me where they ladybugs were on her costume. She didn't seem to understand that she is the ladybug.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Pink Hair Bows

Justin took the girls shopping for me over the weekend. Kate chose flowers, so they gave those to me when they got home on Saturday afternoon.

The little vase is 'flowers' that Gabby picked for me from the yard that day too.

Last night they brought out Gabby's gift. I was a little confused: she gave me little girl’s pink hair bows. Generally we steer the girls a bit when we’re gift buying, so I wondered about it—since he could have pointed out some grown up hair clips next to that set.

Then last night after the girls were in bed Justin told me that when they went shopping he asked what they thought I needed. Kate immediately answered flowers, but Gabby stood there, clearly thinking. When he asked her specifically, she said, “Can I think some mo’?” A few minutes later she, very seriously, said, “Mama needs pink hair bows.” Justin said she was so serious and she’d thought so long he couldn’t say no. So I have hair bows that would look adorable in her hair, perhaps she can borrow them.

I don't think they are my style, but a very sweet and thoughtful gift.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Year Wiser

Since today is my birthday, I thought I'd come up with a list of 33 things to do before I turn 33, next year.

1. Make Nate’s scrapbook
2. Organize the filing cabinet
3. Sleep until 8
4. Unpack my bedroom
5. Plan Nate’s b’day
6. Finish reading the unabridged Les Miserables
7. Go to TPAC
8. Loose 10 lbs.
9. Make bags
10. Serve dinner to my Grannie
11. Dinner & a movie with Justin
12. Teach Gabby letters
13. Kids photo albums
14. Take a picnic
15. A Sunday drive
16. Visit friends out of town
17. Come up with 5 ‘field trips’
18. Make Resurrection cookies
19. Buy a cute dress
20. Play Scrabble
21. Consign/give away/store baby stuff
22. Write Yafrelis 5 times
23. Leave baked goods for a neighbor
24. Take the kids to a ballgame
25. Visit the zoo
26. Take a nap
27. Teach Kate to add and subtract
28. Watch Kate read a book to herself
29. Teach Gabby her numbers
30. Make baby doll clothes
31. Have a pizza night with the kiddos, complete with a movie
32. Christmas Carol
33. Put all the charms on my charm bracelet