Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Break

We have finished our scheduled 180 day school year!  Another successful year on the books.  It isn't always easy to be Mama and teacher, but for the summer I get to mostly just be Mama.

Well, after I file all the papers anyway.

That means we are packing up some, but not all of our books for the summer.  We are still working on math over the summer.  It has not been easy for her (or on us) to get through the math facts, so we're not letting them go for a few months and hoping for the best in the fall...  Our current plan is to work on math drills two days a week and on her workbook two days a week.  The drills take maybe 10 minutes and the workbooks are longer, but could be done in 30 minutes, depending on her attitude and the particular assignment.

She loves to read, so I'm not concerned about that subject.  She grew by leaps and bounds last summer despite a move and lack of anything structured.  I did ask the girls for a list of things they would like us to read about this summer.  The list consists of a wide variety of topics from the human brain to the alphabet, giants to Scotland, and cars to Ananazi the spider.

Gabby and I will also work a bit on her reading over the summer, while we don't have a full set of lessons for two children to work on, since that's been pushed aside during the year.

Happy Summer to you!

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KentuckyGam said...

Congratulations!! Hope you all enjoy your summer (Even if Kate will have to work a little!!)