Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Justin!

by Kate, Gabby, and Nate

My Daddy’s name is Justin J***** S***** • JustinDaddy.

He is 4' 80" • 35' 85" • 11' 5" tall.

He weighs 100 • 85-60 • 797  pounds.

His eyes are brown • brown • good .

His favorite book is The Horse and His Boy • The Horse and His Boy • The Gospel.

He likes to go to the zoo • to the park • in the car.

His favorite food is eggplant parmigiana • meat • french fries.

For fun he likes to tickle me • to tickle us • running to tickle me.

I love my Daddy when he hugs me • hugs me • is eating with me.

My favorite thing about my Daddy is he reads to me • when he kisses me • running around.

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rocketmommy said...

That's so sweet! What a great idea and memory saver. Happy Birthday to Justin. =)