Monday, May 21, 2012

Going for a Walk

I took the littles for a walk.

The girls decided it was torture.

"It's too hot."

"I'm sweating."

"Can I rest here in the shade?"

Nate, however was fascinated...because there was dog poo on the sidewalk.

N: "Dogs poop on the sidewalk?"
Me: "Yes."
N: "Dogs Poop on the sidewalk.  Babies poop on the floor."

Not sure what babies Nate's been hanging around, but this Mama learned her lesson about babies pooping on the floor several years ago.  Speaking of potties, the little guy is pretty well day time potty trained!  Yay Nate!  And he was easier than the girls (at least to date), go figure.  I always heard boys were more difficult.  I won't complain though!

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