Thursday, May 31, 2012

Picture Day

Since our littles are home with us, I have to make sure I am in charge of picture day!  Some families do their own, which is wonderful, but a photog I am not, nor do I even have a camera that would let me impersonate one, so we make trips to a local studio.  Actually, we make several trips to a local studio.

Each child has his or her own 'picture' day.  There are a few of reasons for that.  The first is we only have to have on person ready for pictures that way, which worked out especially well when Kate's eyes had not returned to normal after being dilated the day before, so Gabby took her place.  The second reason being, that we only have to wait for one person to have their picture taken, one set of proofs prepared, one set of pictures chosen--so they have less time to get bored.  The third reason is financial.  If I go one three different days, I can use a coupon for each of the sittings.  The savings is about $45--each.

I know pictures aren't all that important to some people, but I treasure them.  I love having these pictures up on the wall and in photo albums.  And I love looking back on some of my old photos.  We'll do our best to forget a few of those now outdated hair styles though.

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