Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Macaroni Day

In case you didn't know, my Kate, she is a talker.  She is comfortable talking to just about anyone about just about anything.  This can be difficult, but mostly it is a blessing.  She really makes people feel special and she's bright and articulate, so she does it well.

Yesterday, in her chatting, she reminded me just how scheduled I am--we have grocery day, library day, gymnastics day, church day, etc.  We went to the grocery store (it was a Monday after all).  I shook it up a little, since we've finished school, so we went in the morning.  One of the other reasons I had switched to afternoons is that then we've already had lunch and there is no temptation to visit the golden aches as a quick lunch.

So...as we were waiting for our burgers...my daughter is chatting with another patron.  She says, "Today is Monday so we're having McDonald's.  Tomorrow is Tuesday, so we'll have macaroni.  Wednesday we'll have peanut butter."

At least I rotate the days we have certain vegetables.  At least I thought I did.  I served up the mac & cheese with corn and I hear,"Yellow Day!" ...just like I did two weeks ago.  Oops.

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