Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Nap or Not to Nap

The past two days Kate's nap times have been, well, not very restful for her or me. She's been day time potty trained for quite some time now, but she was showing signs that she would benefit from access to the bathroom at night, so we took the door knob covers off for her so she could let herself out and go to the bathroom at will.

Evidently yesterday she did just that at nap time. I must have been in the kitchen working, because I can hear her door open if I'm in the living room. I went up to check on Gabby and found Kate's door ajar. I walked over to the bathroom, where she stood, covered in toothpaste, atop the toilet lid, leaning precariously to reach inside the medicine cabinet. Thankfully we removed all medication from that cabinet (and the entire bathroom) a few months ago because she's always interested in it.

Today I heard a thud, which is, unfortunately, not uncommon. I didn't even make a move to go upstairs until I heard her scream. When I got up there she stood, physically unhurt, crying, and looking mournfully at her overturned mattress. It was laying on its side, the guard rail dangling, and blankets everywhere.

I righted the bed, put her in it, and threatened no outside play time if she was loud again. She went off to dream land for a full thirty minutes, until someone of "unknown name" called and hung up. Then she screamed. And woke up Gabby.

It would be easier if she didn't honestly need the nap, but she does. After naps like this Mama does too!

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