Sunday, August 24, 2008

Don't Underestimate...

Justin and I had long struggled about what to do for Kate’s window. We put up blinds almost immediately after arriving here. I had spent quite a bit of time trimming them to fit exactly and working to be sure the cord would be out of reach to keep her out of danger. To our dismay, Kate bent some of the slats the very first day. There’s been a valance up for months, but no real covering.

Finally I figured it out, the perfect plan. I made a curtain. It was essentially a flat panel with yellow on the inside and a white canvas on the outside. Then I sewed ribbons that could be used to tie it up, using Velcro tabs. I but pretty little bows on the ends. I didn’t hang it on a curtain rod—not with my little girl. We staple gunned that sucker to a board and screwed it into the window frame. Justin said he can hang from this. Finally, a Kate proof covering.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. I went into Kate’s room to get up from her afternoon nap. She shredded one of the little bows. One of the bows that I attached to the curtain with the sewing machine. That is stapled to a board. And screwed into the wall. As in, it’s almost impossible to repair. I asked Kate why. Do you know what her answer was? “It’s because I’m two.”

She isn’t kidding. If you’ve never had a two year old you should borrow one for an afternoon. You’ll be amazed how they can entertain themselves. The more boring you consider your house the better. They will find all sorts of things to entertain you…just don’t leave the child alone with you child proof curtain. Never underestimate the power of a two year old.

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