Friday, September 2, 2011

Prayer Request

My heart has been heavy this week. A friend of mine here in town had a stroke last Friday. I haven't made any close friends here yet...we knew we weren't staying in the first house, so I didn't put down roots. I wouldn't let myself get attached to anyone in that area. We got settled in a church and a home and I was starting to build relationships. She was one of a small handful of women who I was getting to know. And of that group, we probably share the most in common: recent transplants from out of state, trained educators who are staying home with our littles, married to PhDs (both in science, I might add), and mamas to three children each (our oldests were born within a month of each other). We've been in each others homes, smiled over each others children.

Could I ask you to pray for my friend? She has three boys, a devoted husband, and family that has traveled to be with them. They could all use prayers for grace and peace, wisdom for the doctors and the family as decisions are made, comfort for her boys, and of course healing for her. And I wouldn't mind one tiny bit if God granted a miraculous healing, the likes of which leave the doctors with nothing to say, but that God had His hand in it.


KentuckyGam said...

Lots of prayers are being said here.

rocketmommy said...

Your friend and her family are certainly in our prayers here!

ann said...

You got it, Kristy. I will definitely pray for her.