Wednesday, September 28, 2011


How did life get so busy? We didn't have anything major on our calendar last year, or at least so it seemed. Now all of the sudden, I'm having trouble keeping up!

I dropped library story time to help, though they are constantly trying to get us to stay at our local branch. Zoo days, art days, and two days with weekly classes. Even church is getting busy this fall--classes about the church itself (2 days), membership classes (2 days), and volunteer training!

All the kids have their birthdays in the course of seven weeks here too! Visiting with our families over birthdays--my father-in-law, mother, sister, and I are all mixed in there too. Ack! Then Thanksgiving, then Christmas! Can some one wake me up after the new year?

Sometimes it makes it hard to slow down and take the time to read that extra book that we don't 'have to' read as part of our official school. But I'm going to try to do that this fall, in the middle of crazy, to walk when the sun shines, play on the swing set, chase some leaves, and make a mess in the kitchen.

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