Friday, September 2, 2011

Dog Days

Nate happened across a copy of this picture, which so aptly summerizes our children's personalities...Kate posing, Gabby hiding, and Nate (not yet walking) on the move. I asked him where Kate was and he showed me. He also showed me Gabby. Then he points to himself and tells me, "Nate a dog here."

While we were at my parents he took this a step further... My parents have a yorkie named Toby, who the kids just love. Nate crawls in from the kitchen with the dog's favorite toy in his mouth, continues over to my mother. There he drops the toy for her to throw (just like Toby). When she throws the rubber cow, Nate jumps up onto his feet and runs for the cow. He then gets back down on all fours so he can pick it up with his teeth.

Not the most sanitary of activities, but we were so surprised and laughing so hard!

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