Monday, September 19, 2011


My computer went kerplunk kerpluey (as in won't even run DOS) as I was scanning in pages from a little story that Kate wrote that I planned to let you read today. The netbook I'm using can't use my scanner (no CD drive), so you're stuck with just me today.

We'll be purchasing a new computer this week, which we haven't done in 10 years (yep, we aren't into the latest and greatest), so if you have any recommendations for the most basic of laptops or ones that haven't been great to stay away from, drop me a note. I blog, facebook, and email. I store pictures, type for home schooling, and occassionally stream a TV show, if my computer cooperates. The kids play a few educational games, not the things that take up a lot of RAM. So we don't need anything fancy. I prefer laptops to desk tops as a space issue. And that Nate tends not to type on it so much if I close a lid and hide the keyboard.

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KentuckyGam said...!facets=55846~0~5930679&p=1

This is the next generation of the one I got last week. It's small, but it has a lot more power than the older one I had. My virus scan doesn't bring everything else to a halt on this one.