Friday, September 23, 2011


Yesterday was our very first day of co-op. It was semi-organized chaos, as is often the first day of activities containing lots of children and people who have never been involved in the group before.

Kate took a science class, where they studied about paper floating on water and gravity. The second hour, she took a class in Tao Kwon Do. They practiced punching and good manners. She has homework for that class, in both Korean and manners.

Gabriella's classes were Montessori based. She studied numbers, letters, animals, and a parable about Jesus, but she could quite put the words together to tell me which one.

Nate and I hung out in the nursery with a couple of little ones that were tagging along with their big brothers and sisters. We grilled hot dogs and corn on the cob in the play kitchen, bathed baby dolls in the 'sink', used an indoor slide and listened to Veggie Tales music.

It was nice to be around other homeschoolers and the girls were both very excited about their classes. I was so glad that Gabby got to be involved too. I would love to have a co-op closer to us though, we had a 40 minute drive over and over an hour drive home. We'll have to see what is available in the spring!

Here are the munchkins ready for an afternoon of learning. Nate wasn't too sure about having his picture made and kept running off, so we finally got this one just before we walked out the door!

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