Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flipping It

My littlest gal had her very first gymnastics class this week.

She was able to pass through a rotation of activities--tumbling on large foam mats, walking a low foam beam, practicing the steps for a cartwheel, and flipping over a low bar.

She had to learn to stay on her task. The first activity she was given was to walk the beam. She walked it once, but then waited to be told what to do next. After the first couple of minutes passed, she went to one of the teachers who was spotting another student. She was walked back and told to do it again. Twice.

At the end of one of her mat practice runs, she found the side of the long trampoline. There were other children taking turns on it, but that didn't stop Miss Gabriella. She hopped up and, well, hopped. One of the teachers walked her back to her activity. She got to play on that trampoline later.

She tells me that she had fun. (And Kate did too--she tried a class for older kids.) This week was a free trial. It makes for a very long day, but we're going to see if we can work it out for them.

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