Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Peaceful Walk

The other night we set off on a little walk around our neighborhood. We've done a few walks lately and Nate has been able to make them too. As we started up that first hill, it struck me that for the first time in almost exactly six years we were walking without a stroller (or carrier of some sort) these days. We were enjoying the slightly cooler than normal temperatures and the slight breeze, the time out of the house and the low glow from the setting sun.

After only a half mile, Nate gave out. He's been making it nearly a mile under his own steam, with Justin and I volleying him back and forth the rest of the way. Then, at the very furthest point from the house, Justin feels his blood sugar start to plummet. I take the little fellow and we're encouraging the girls to hurry every little chance they get. I was considering knocking on a door and offering to buy them a case of whatever soda they could let us have.

It was not the most peaceful walk we've ever taken, but we made it back. We learned our lesson: the baby is not all grown up yet and we need to take glucose tablets on our walks, even just 15 minutes after dinner.

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