Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Step 995 of 1000

Missed me? It has been a busy week around here. Saturday my mom came and gave us a hand while we got some things taken care of here and ran to get one more load in the van from the old house. Justin was able to haul two loads via U-Haul on Saturday and Sunday.

My dad stayed with the movers as they emptied the old house, aside from all those toys and books that had fallen down behind furniture, on Monday. It took them hours to empty the old house and set up the new one. They were very careful with our furniture, wrapping it up in blankets and covering it in plastic so nothing would be damaged. Two of the movers were excellent...the third seemed nice enough, just not the best job for him.

My mom and I brought the little ones here (Justin went to work as normal in the morning, just came home to a new house!). The kids beds were already here and set up by Sunday evening, so we were sure those were all ready. The kitchen is pretty well established, as I carried much of it over one load at a time in milk crates and emptied those boxes I found with 'kitchen' labeled on them first.

Yesterday I took the kiddos back to the other house where we found books, toys and even a lost shoe on the kitchen counter. I was able to give the house a good once over--walls to bathrooms and kitchen to baseboards. Justin got the lawn mowed there one last time, and aside from the need to go back to get the sand box and the rest of the sand, he ran out of room in that haul, we are pretty well finished there, except for turning over the keys.

So we are officially here. Over half of our To-Do list has been accomplished and we are settling in. There will be pictures eventually, but there are boxes to unpack, and a few more decorative touches to complete. Oh, and wonderful dear friends coming to visit in a week and a half to prepare for!

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KentuckyGam said...

Even though I knew how busy you were, I still checked your blog several times a day thinking you might have taken a break for the busy-ness of moving. So yes, I missed you, even though I was with you several days.