Friday, June 17, 2011

Belly Achin'

The next 3 days are our big moving days.

I went by the new house yesterday to take over some things...I try to take a nice sized load every time I have need to be there. We were getting our modem for our new internet provider delivered yesterday, hence my need to be there. I had unloaded and was putting some things away in the kitchen and in the girl's closet, when Gabby tells me she needs to speak with me.

She tells me her tummy hurts. I tell her to go to the bathroom and I run around gathering shoes and such. She didn't puke. We grabbed my cleaning bucket and she carried it home. She didn't puke. I realized too late that I left the thermostat turned down and hadn't had time to take the trash to the curb for pick up.

Aside from not eating dinner last night she was fine all evening. She didn't puke. Kate told me that Gabby just wanted to watch TV, so she said she was sick. Evidently they had been discussing that recently. The girls went to bed and slept peacefully all night. She didn't puke. This morning, just before the kids were to get up, I was pulling a few things from my bedroom to take with us on our run to the house today, so I was in the garage when I heard the screams.

She puked. Bath. Laundry. Not leaving the house.

Thankfully she has been okay the rest of the day. She didn't eat breakfast, save two pretzels--we were out of saltines, but she did eat some lunch. Hoping that the rest of our move goes more smoothly, but perhaps I shouldn't hold my breath.

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