Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Step 812 of 1000

Someone forgot to tell me that we are closing on our new house on THIS Friday, until we were on our way to Cincinnati (and by someone, I mean me). I knew June the 3rd was the date, but I still had weeks, right? See I thought that May had like, eight weeks this year. I was wrong.

Maybe I should pack a little.


I'm too busy making a quilt.

Isn't it pretty? You can sort of see that the stitching is a multicolored thread. It took me a lot longer to make than I planned, but it is finished now.

And it matches Kate's fairly well.

And making valances.

Justin has a project going too. He's painting our old desk white to match the trim in the new house. It was pretty banged up--it had belonged to his dad and as far as I know hasn't ever been refinished.

Here it is two coats of paint in--it will probably need one more coat.

I did go shopping for a few trivial things this weekend after we got back, for silly little things like a kitchen faucet that actually allows water to flow though it, towel bars, curtain rods, door stops, and the like. And I mailed notice to our landlord that we will be leaving at the end of our lease, not renewing. Progress, progress.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly for closing on Friday, finding a mover to help with our furniture on short notice (for next week), and that I that I get all my little ducks in a row!

Step 812 1/2 of 1000

Since I wrote that, I sent an email to the realtor because I hadn’t heard about the time for closing yet. Evidently God thinks I need another week to get it all together. We’ll have to wait another week to close. It seems that the bank’s appraiser (who we paid, by the by) declared the a/c didn’t work. Since we had it inspected just over a week ago, we beg to differ. Evidently he didn’t bother to check the electrical panel, where the breaker was off (so it didn’t waste electricity), seeing as the house is vacant. We think they need a new appraiser, seeing as he didn’t figure that out and evidently he didn’t notice that the furnace, water heater, and gas logs all fail to work (seeing as we turned off the gas at the meter for the same reason). I’m trying to be patient, but I have to reschedule the carpet cleaning and the movers we’re using for some of our heavier/larger items. It will all work out...eventually.

Justin is getting ready for his summer class and making those corrections on his dissertation. Maybe he needs an extra week too.

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rocketmommy said...

Oh how frustrating! I'm sure it'll all work it out. I'm just so excited for you guys.
Loooooove the quilt by the way. It looks beautiful. =)