Monday, June 13, 2011

Step 913 of 1000

Nate has something to tell you.

We're moving! Closing didn't go as we had planned--the banker made some errors and they couldn't be fixed in time for us to close as scheduled, so we had to go ahead or delay again...despite the less favorable financial choice (he forgot we intended to pay more than the minimum required down payment and he also failed to notice that our first payment is not for the agreed upon August 1st date, but instead for July 1st when he read the settlement), we went ahead with it so it will finally be over.

We spent the weekend completing several of the many projects that need to be finished before we are completely settled into our new home. We are very thankful for my parents who were willing to come down and help with the kids for closing day and AGAIN on Saturday to help with that To-Do List. With their help, we knocked it down to a dull roar.

We are thankful for a new door (with a peep hole at my eye level), new locks, door stops, a new kitchen faucet (that actually allows water through), a hand held sprayer of the kids shower (so helpful for little ones' baths), cleaned out cabinets, some of our curtain rods are up (the dill bit broke!), among several other projects that they either helped with or helped keep an eye on the kids while we accomplished.

Oh, and if you haven't seen, this is what my Daddy is building for our new library. We're keeping him busy!

We are hauling odd shaped things in the van, so as to decrease our move next weekend. We were able to get one load over on Friday and we made three hauls on Saturday, one late one, as we saw the weather report and remembered that the broken glass Justin had cleaned up and put in paper bags was still on the deck, with a 100% chance of rain for the evening (after he watered our grass here because it needed to be mowed but is crunchy, none the less). Rather than waste that time and tank of gas he made that last haul by himself as I got the little ones to bed and packed up some more things to take next time we head that way.

Next weekend we'll U-Haul some the last of the little things over and Monday we have movers coming for some of our bigger furniture (read: We didn't want to carry the hide-a-bed up all the stairs to the bonus room!). Then I'll have the final clean out here, and we'll be permanently there. And we do mean permanently--Justin said he'll move out when he can't get up the stairs.

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