Friday, June 24, 2011

Not My Week

It's not been an easy first week here. I somehow thought moving across town would be easier, but I was wrong. It was cheaper yes, but it means my attention has been divided. I have wasted literal hours driving between the houses. All the trips bringing things over and working on little projects. Once we moved here, I have been back to clean. Back to paint. Back to scrub the carpets. Justin was back to mow. And back to haul sand and a sandbox. In all of that, I have gotten most of our things unpacked, but the garage is a mess of things that don't quite have a home yet.

I had been planning to have Justin help me with that this weekend, but his advisor sent yet another set of revisions for him to complete, so I am left with boxes I can't move and frustration in that, since aside from visiting with our company coming next week, I don't expect him to be free again until the middle of July.

We have no dishwasher, due to an ordering issue...and won't until after the 4th of July. It is an inconvenience, but I've been staying on top of the dishes, so not a huge deal. The washing machine leaked a bit, due to the drain not being hooked up, which I laughed was okay. It was easily resolved and just a product of an overly busy day. Then it leaked was he hoses that time. I laughed again. Also easily fixed. Now my fridge is broken. I seriously have everything I can cram into an ice chest in there--including a three months supply of two different types of insulin(!). I'm not laughing. Not even a tiny bit. Maybe tomorrow (after it is repaired), but not today.

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