Thursday, June 2, 2011

Step 784 3/4 of 1000

I don't even curse, but filth and foul and filth. It has been a stinky day.

I found out that the appraiser was without cable so he didn't send anyone his report last week. You know because there are no public libraries and McDonald's doesn't have free wi-fi. While that stinks and does delay our closing, we can set it for next week.

I agree to next Friday, because apparently that is the favored day for closing. I call the carpet cleaner and reset the date.

After I get off of that phone call, the realtor calls and says that he thinks we should really go mid-week, since the people we are buying from are antsy. Okay, I answer. I call the carpet cleaners again, thankful to get a different person, because I seriously seem crazy.

Then I reschedule the movers. Justin schedules a U-Haul for our smaller things. I have started planning out the next week and a half in my head. What to do when, what goes where, when we need help with the kids. all that fun stuff.

I run an errand. I come home. The phone rings. Yeah. Scratch my plans. I have to call everyone back. Again. Because there is an odd rule. The house we are buying isn't a flip, but because it is being held in trust FHA has decided that it has to abide by the rules of a flip. Which means a second appraisal, you know, because the first one went so smoothly, I'm thrilled. Oh, and don't worry--we don't have to pay for it (No joke, 'cause I wasn't planning on it.). So the long and the short of it is. We will close...someday, but no one is really sure when. So I have to call these people back and say...I don't know what. I can cancel completely or I can take a guess and maybe have to move it again. to add to that, Justin is teaching a summer class starting next week and has several days that he is doing academic advising all scheduling will become more difficult as time goes on.

So, if you need me I'll be banging my head against the wall...or on the phone.

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rocketmommy said...

Uggghhh! I am sooo sorry that this keeps happening. I really hope it gets all settled soon so you guys can finally be in your lovely new home. What a pain!