Friday, June 3, 2011

Raising Boys

When Nate was born, many people asked if it was different having a boy. I would laugh and say, "Not yet." Looking back, whether it be that he is a boy or if it is simply a difference in temperament, he was different from his sisters, even in the beginning.

He was standing in our laps (with help for balance) as a tiny baby. He rolled over...very early. He climbed before he walked...and he walked pretty early.

Mothering this little boy has been different. He is more rough and tumble. More reliant on his Mama. It is funny how different life is with a little bitty man.

('standing' in Daddy's lap at 1 month)

(holding himself up at the ottoman--4 months)

(crawling--5 months)

(setting up to climb--6 months)

He does things the girls never dreamed of doing:

Climbing into the big chairs,

Pushing little chairs to reach the counters,

Mounting the desk to reach the video monitor (which isn't even plugged in, let alone on),

Getting into the book case,

Hiding in the dryer,

And gaining access to door knobs by whatever he can find to get him up high enough


I wonder what we have in store over the next few years. I guess I better locate the closest ER to our new house!


rocketmommy said...

He is one clever little guy! and cute. =)

KentuckyGam said...

There is an Urgent Care that is close --- 1.8 miles, 6 minutes!!!! saw it when we came to look at the house. Hope you don't need it though.