Friday, June 18, 2010

Well, we're getting there. Hopefully we'll get there before I loose my mind! Just kidding...sort of. The girls think that the airbed they are "sleeping" on is a great trampoline, Kate didn't know that you throw away paper plates, and I did six or seven loads of laundry yesterday (washing up all our curtains and blankets before packing them. I also found a new purpose for the infant tub we've not been using--it caught the water as I defrosted our freezer.

It's been a week of grace though. We had one gal from church keep the girls so we could go sign the paperwork without their help. I was so grateful for that anyway, but when we found out we were going to owe $2000 more than previously estimated I was even more glad not to have them with us, so I had some time to deal with that. Some dear friends stepped in and offered to pay the difference in the costs for us. Then last night another woman from church came by and kept the three munchkins while we went to use some movie passes we'd had since the fall and hadn't had a chance to use. We are very grateful for the kindness of friends here, but they sure are making it hard to leave.

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