Friday, June 4, 2010

Favorite Time of Day

Lately one of my favorites times of day has been when the girls go up for bath time and I feed Nate his solids for dinner. I was thinking about why it's so enjoyable tonight. First, it is quiet, since Thing One and Thing Two are upstairs in the tub, but not silent. I can still hear their muffled giggles and squeals. The dishes are done, most of the busy-ness of the day is over. Generally we're in for the night at this point. The evening of trying to convince the girls to sleep has yet to commence. I am occupied with a needed, but enjoyable task, as opposed to laundry (I hate laundry), so there's no worry about what I should be doing. There are those gummy grins (which likely won't be gummy too much longer as hist left bottom front tooth is bulging in the gum). It's also the perfect level of occupation. I'm free to sing to him or sit in quiet contemplation or simple prayer. It's the vespers of motherhood. Nate and I communing over his puree of the evening. He's not at the stage where he's having trouble figuring out how to eat and needing lots of coaxing and not yet at the stage where he plays 20 questions during dinner, not that it isn't a lovely thing to enjoy conversation over dinner, but the quiet moments are few in this household, so I'll savor it when I get it!

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