Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ain't Over Yet

Is it really not the end of the day yet?

We start the day with Justin hobbling around. He sprained or broke one of his toes last night...right in time to move. I get him sent off to work and started packing a box in the kitchen. I hadn't quite finished with it when I heard the girls wake up. I grabbed another box and headed upstairs to pull clothes from their closets while they got dressed. In the mean time Nate woke up, so I left the half packed box in Kate's room to go to him. Gabby's clothes are still in the closet in that room, so I let her pick out a few things to keep (like Kate had been doing) and laid them out on the bed and then headed downstairs with the three munchkins to start breakfast. Here I find Justin's insulin kit, which he needs so he can eat lunch.

About that time Kate announces that someone is knocking on the door. I hadn't heard it and thought she was being silly, but sure enough there is someone at the door. I assumed that this was one of the people the buyers had hired to tighten up the gutters (apparently required by their loan). But nope. It's an appraiser. Who wants to come into my house. My house with closet doors open, clothes strewn across the beds in order to pack, and a whole other set of stuff out in the kitchen to pack in that box. Oh, and the best part--their bank requires photos of my disaster of a house. And the realtor who was evidently supposed to accompany him (and, oh yeah, notify me ahead of time) never bothered to show.

Next up, a trip for some more boxes and to drop off Justin's insulin. I was able to procure a cart that held both girls and I wore Nate in the Moby. It's a bit of a stretch to balance the large boxes on the cart, but I was managing. Then Gabby kicked the cart sending my stack to the ground. Some nice gentleman did stop to help me pick them up. I am quite thankful for small favors right now. The clerk also told me to have a blessed day.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Lunch served. The gals up to not take naps today. I call our insurance agent to set up the rental insurance for our things while they're in storage. Evidently he misunderstood when I called originally and asked about a policy. He told me no problem, we could get a renter's policy, but now he tells me we can't, since we won't be living there (obviously). So here all of our earthly possessions are going into storage without any insurance. I turned down the policy from the PODS people because I thought I had it taken care of. They would have had to have insured it at the time of the delivery of the first POD a few months ago to cover it.

And the day ain't over yet!


KentuckyGam said...

I hope your day got better.

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