Thursday, June 3, 2010

Packing or Procrastinating

Life is a little on the crazy side at the moment. I sit looking around rooms wonder what can be packed now and what is better left for later. It's hard to decide what is worth the hassle of living without. Some things are easy peasy. Veggie steamer, see ya in Nashville. Coffee pot...oh could we live without it? Yes. Do we want to? No. The same with many of the children's things. Add to that these three little distractions...

So instead I spend a lot of time enjoying motherhood at the moment. I love the way Nate giggles when I kiss his little head. The way he wiggles that baby wiggle and how he gurgles that "goo" sound. I love Gabby's sleepy snuggles and Kate's ridiculous stories.

I've checked some things off my to-do list and in three weeks we'll be out of here. It will all get done--I've packed it all up before and I'm sure we can pull it off, but a little bit of procrastination can be a sweet thing. Especially when it's snuggling with the munchkins. With that, off to pack a box while the baby naps.

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KentuckyGam said...

I wish I were there to help you pack, but hopefully I'll be able to help you unpack (or at least keep the kiddos so you can have an easier time doing it).