Sunday, June 6, 2010


Lest you think Kate has lost her wit with all the moving madness, here's the latest installment:

"So when Daddy dies Mama can get remarried and I can be the flower girl!" (said with much glee)...(minutes later) "But if you died (speaking to Justin) I would miss you and be sad."

"If my husband was mean to our children and punished them when they didn't do anything wrong, I'd hit him with a rolling pin, right in the face!" (Note to self--stop allowing her to see old Loony Tunes episodes...and buy future son-in-law a catcher's face mask).

And because she can be sweet, in the praise and prayer request time in Sunday School this morning she wanted to remember her friend's first birthday. But last week she told me she asked to pray that, "Her tummy wouldn't be hungry when she stayed up too late at night in her bed when she was supposed to be sleeping."

And that's just from today!

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