Friday, June 18, 2010


Today was a day I'd been dreading. I went to the bank to finalize the massive pay-off on our house. I deposited money, I transferred money, and then I made the biggest withdrawal of my life in the form of that cashier's check. I drove this large check to the title company to drop it off. The secretary accepts it with a smile, then I asked what was evidently a silly question, "Could I have a receipt?" What can I say, I feel a little better about handing over twenty grand if I at least get a slip of paper that says I did.

This set off a chain of events that lasted 45 minutes. Of course Tuesday, when we knew we would be signing papers, we got a sitter for the girls. It was easy-peasy--15 minutes. Justin was with me and Nate napped. Today was to be fast, so I took all three muchkins solo. The girls were angelic for the first ten minutes or so. Then the gal handling escrow comes out and says there are more fees (plural!) that have come to light, as in more than the two thousand extra we found out about on Tuesday. I held my breath while I waited to hear what the charges were for and how much they could be. The girls were getting bored and having more trouble being still.

Eventually it turned out that the bills we submitted with our seller's disclosure to show what work had been taken care of on the property had been added to the tally by the buyer's title company. Of course these bills had been paid for long ago, but they wanted recipts. I told her that it might be difficult to get them, as I gave what I had to our agent and the companies might not have reciepts from two years or more ago. She called back their company and when they looked at the dates on the papers they released it and let me off with only paying an arm and a leg, not my first born. Which is good because she's a stinker, but I sure do love that kiddo.

Then we went into the parking lot ,and evidently Gabriella had used up all of her good behavior, as she took off running away from the van. She refused to hold my hand, so I took her by her shirt sleeve (holding the baby the whole time mind you, as I had taken off the wrap I had at the bank and grocery, assuming this to be a short trip in). I had to pin her by the van while I fished my keys out of my pocket because she was seriously trying to bolt. Then I put her in the van and she refused to crawl through (she usually goes in under Nate's seat, so I can get everyone in from one side) and I had to block her from getting out as I strapped him in. She screamed and cried until she realized that I pulled into McDonald's, as we were already an hour late for lunch at this point. It's amazing what a cheeseburger can do!

Hope your day was less eventful than mine!

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KentuckyGam said...

Hoping and praying that your days settle down soon. Hopefully we can give you a break when you get here. Also hoping your munchkins travel better than they have at times. Since this will be Nate's first long journey I hope he just enjoys being with his sisters and is content.