Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tale of Four Can Openers

Is it wrong to fall in love with kitchen utensils?

I had the best can opener I had ever used. My aunt gave it to me at a wedding shower about eleven years ago. The handle had split and while it still opened cans well, Justin thought it would be prudent to replace it since it was so hard to hold, so he gave me a can opener for Christmas (2009). We'd been using it for less than five months when it gave out. It never was a great opener. It was hard to latch and even harder to turn. Do you realize how often you reach for a can opener in a week? It's quite often around here.

Christmas Day--I wasn't sleeping much then!

I was at a local grocery right after it broke, so I picked up a plain jane can opener there. It opened three cans and then it bit the dust. While turning it, Justin literally broke the steel. I knew he was stronger than me, but come on?!

Today I was at the store with the munchkins doing our weekly food run and I got a new can opener. It works like a dream. Now I just have to keep Mr. Kryptonite from breaking my can opener of steel.

Can opener, how I love thee. I will be boxing you up in the near future, but I promise to unpack you as soon as I can!

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Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

Mine is farberware as well, but it is the kind that leaves no sharp edges. It was a bit more expensive than the rest, but considering my husband often cuts his hands when rinsing the cans out, it was worth it. He can't work the thing, so I end up having to get the can started though. It is kind of weird, to get used to it, but so worth it if there are no bloody fingers.