Monday, June 7, 2010

Homemade Dish Detergent Update

Well, it's been a few days since we made the dish detergent. It definitely has some issues. The first one is that over time the stuff has solidified and you have to chip it out--that's due to the water I added, of course, so eliminating it will take care of that little (big) problem. The next issue is one I've had with several different types of purchased detergent, it leaves my dishes with a cloudy film. I did add a small drop of dish washing liquid (the stuff we use for hand washing*) last night and that problem seemed to be much smaller this morning. I'll have to keep experimenting to see if I can work it out into a usable system that's less than the name brand detergent I've been buying, but that's how it's going at current.

*Don't add too much. If you don't know why you should ask around I bet you'll get some entertaining answers for why. And because I can't stand to not know why I'll tell you--it bubbles really badly if you use much and your dishwasher will leak bubbles all over your kitchen floor. Much thanks to my uncle for discovering this for me and entertaining our family. I remember hearing that story when I was 7 or 8 and it's always stuck with me!

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