Monday, May 24, 2010

To Go or Not To Go

...if you're a parent, you've probably had to make this decision. When is your child sick enough to call the doctor's office? I have waited out many a fever over the past four and a half years. I tend not be reactive. Actually I tend not to give fever reducers unless the fever gets fairly high and we're heading towards bed time or the kiddo complains of pain.

This past week Gabby had a rotten fever--104.4 at the highest (and that was with Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen on board). Finally Friday afternoon we decided I should take her in. The nurse practitioner was able to rule out ear infection and step throat, but that means we wasted the trip (and the $150). She's better now, fever is gone and she's her sweet stubborn self again.

So, in her 2 1/2 years she's had 3 sick visits and never has she had anything that could be treated--once was a vaccination reaction and now two viral fevers. I'm thankful she's not a sickly little gal, but it sure is hard to decide when to sit through it and when to go. Part of the reason we went was it would be the weekend and hard to get in without having to go to the ER or UrgentCare. I did one of her sick visits at UrgentCare--I don't ever want to do that again. It was a holiday weekend and we waited 3 hours for a 10 minute visit!

I hope that you and your kiddos stay healthy, that you rarely have to make this choice, and that you're given wisdom when it's time.

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Jessica said...

One of my siblings was definitely a "sickly child" starting at birth, and continuing until now... 18 years later. I on the other hand went to the doctor for physicals, shots, and to get my tonsils out. I'm not a mom, and I've never had to make that kind of decision for a child, but I have been told that once a child seems depressed, or their illness causes a significant change in mood it is serious. I'm just hoping I make a Dr. friend so I can just call them. My (sickly) sister is now studying to be a nurse, so maybe I can just call her. :)