Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Kids' Names

This is a part of the blog carnival Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Corner.

We have had the pleasure of naming three little munchkins:

Katherine Elizabeth
is named after one of my students who passed away when I was teaching (Katherine) and Elizabeth is a family name on both sides, including being my cousin's middle name.

Gabriella Georgia-Marie
is named after my Grannie (Georgia) and my Grandma's middle name was Marie. Her first name is all her own.

Nathaniel Michael
is named after my husband's dear friend (Michael). Nathaniel took a very long time for us to agree on, after debating everything from Ehud to Thaddeus and William to Phineas, so Nate it is!

We did have another girl's name chosen, since we didn't know Nate's gender. I don't know that we'll ever get to use it, but I'll keep it our secret just in case we some day are granted another little girl. It is a nod at Justin's paternal grandmother's name--he was already named after his grandfathers.

We've chosen longer more formal names that can be shortened, so that they are all at least somewhat similar in style. But you can see they all march to the beat of their own drummer!


Devon said...

I think they're wonderful names. What a fun meme!

KentuckyGam said...

I'm so happy that Nate didn't turn out to be Ehud or Thaddeus!!! I didn't really care for either of those names!! Guess I would have had to come up with my own nickname for him if that had happened.