Saturday, May 8, 2010


I grew up just an hour north of Nashville as a kid. I've walked through the Opryland Hotel, I used to visit the theme park (which is now a flooded mall), I ice skated, ate at Hard Rock, attended the Opry, perused the museums, visited friends and family in the bigger hospitals, and I spent time there with my extended family for holidays and other celebrations.

I've seen horrifying pictures this week. People have lost their homes, places of work, even their earthly lives. It's so sad. Nashville is not only a place I used to visit, it's soon to be our new home. So many people there have lost so much and so few have flood insurance. It stinks that we'll be paying on this house as we leave it behind, but can you imagine loosing your home and all your earthly possessions and still having 15 or 20 years left on a mortgage for a house that is uninhabitable? The people there are working together, but there is going to be a long struggle to recover from this flood. Can you pray or give or both?

Red Cross
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

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