Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gabby Girl

Ah, my darling little Gabriella. Sandwiched between your exuberant older sister and the baby of the family, we treasure you too, as much as the others. You are full of all kinds of stubbornness, as is your sister, but then again, your brand is all your own. You choose to ignore rather than engage. You are our little cuddle bug. You give sweet hugs and even sweeter little kisses. I love to see your little eyes closed as you lean in and snuggle up close.

You are a smart cookie. You can sing many songs. Your favorite is "Jesus Loves Me," you ask to sing it almost every night. You count to twenty, but you leave out 15. I think you know it belongs there because when we correct you, you just smile and leave it out again. You can already put on all but your tightest shoes, though you can't tie them yet. You can put on your pants but still need a bit of help with your shirts and socks.

You are a loving little gal. You are so sweet with your little brother especially, but all babies in general. You spend most of your time caring for Baby Sally, and you tell me, "Shhh, Baby Sally is fast asleep!"

I just want to be sure that while you're in the middle of our little brood you are still loved very much.

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