Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bath Time

Little Man had his first tub bath last night. I'd had to give up the infant tub about a month ago because he'd started pushing his feet against the wall and straightening quickly, nearly flipping out. So we moved on to the kitchen sink. It wasn't ideal, but it was close to the highchair, since he gets bathed after eating a messy dinner that's helpful. The last time I bathed him there though, he grabbed the sprayer and stood up, repeatedly.

There are no pictures from his tub bath though...he was no more calm or still in the tub. He was crawling as I washed him. Do you know how hard it is to wash a slippery crawling baby? There's no way to juggle him and a camera. He seemed to enjoy it though, except for the whole getting out part.

The differences in him and the girls are astounding!

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