Saturday, March 27, 2010


We moved in PODS a couple of years ago. It’s Portable On Demand Storage. They bring a storage container on the back of a truck and leave it in your driveway while you’re loading it. Then they come back and pick it up. At that point they can take it straight to your destination or they will store it for you.

We had a one month delay between the time we left Alabama and arrived in Kansas, so we stored our things with them for a time. This time, we’re packing up all that we can to make our house less cluttered and make the inevitable end of packing up the house that much easier. Hopefully we'll have our garage, save some tools, cleared out this weekend, along with a good bit of stuff from in the house. It’s an exciting and stressful time.

It’s pretty interesting to watch the machinery work, though I can’t stand to see them swinging it back and forth with our things inside, today it was empty, so I was able to take some pictures.

They drive up.

Back it in.

Move the frame of the truck away from the POD.

Raise the POD in the air.

Move the truck out from under the Pod, and set it down.

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