Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day in the Life

Here's our approximate schedule for the typical day. Is there such a thing as a typical day?!

?:00 AM Nate is fed--usually twice
5:45 AM Wake Up, Shower
6:30 AM Nurse Nate, drink coffee (thank you Justin), spend some time at the computer
7:00 AM Gabby gets up
7:45 AM Kate's alarm goes off. This is when the day really starts. I get breakfast together for the munchkins and work around the kitchen. After this we play, etc.
9:00 AM Sesame Street for the girls. Nate used to nap at this time, but not so much anymore--at three months he naps one hour a day in the afternoons (YIKES!). I try to get some house work done. Alternately we use this time between 9-11 for errands.
10:00 AM Free play
11:00 AM Lunch followed by naps for the kiddos. More time to try to do quiet chores if everyone cooperates, check in on the computer, and sometimes get a little exercise. More often than not at least one of the kids doesn't nap.
1:30 PM Snack #1 (crackers), then free play or preschool activities with the girls, depending on how things are going
3:15 PM Snack #2 (fruit), then free play
4:00 PM Dinner prep = the crazy hour. This now involves cooking and measuring/weighing all of Justin's food so he can take the right dose of insulin when he gets home.
5:00 or 5:30 PM (depending on Justin's schedule) dinner. Typically I clean up from dinner, but Justin does it some too. Then he plays with the kids for awhile.
6:30 PM The girls bedtime routine starts: Bath, PJs, combing hair, brushing teeth, a story, Bible reading, prayer, singing, bathroom, and a sip of water [in that order]!
7:30 PM the girls are in bed. Justin either works on things he brought home or we sit and visit and sometimes watch some TV as Nate cluster feeds.
10:00 PM bed, sweet bed!

Nate nurses throughout the day, but not on a set schedule.

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