Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bumbo Seat (Alternate Title: Poop Happens)

When we got all of our baby paraphernalia when Kate was born, I'd never heard of a Bumbo seat. When Gabby was new they were around, but we didn't bother getting one. This time, however, a friend lent us hers.

They allow the baby to sit up before they have to full trunk strength to do so without some help.

While Nate can sit unassisted for short periods of time,

it works great to allow him to sit awhile and watch me as I work around the kitchen.

(Too Cute!)

There is only one problem with this set up. For some reason Nate has decided this is a potty chair! I suppose it's the way that he's sitting pushing on his little tummy because he has a diaper blow out nearly every time I put him in it--three times on Sunday!!! Thankfully it's an easy to clean surface.

I promise I will disinfect it very well before I return it!

Too bad he's not ready to be potty trained, 'cause this would be a piece of cake! At least he's my only one in diapers these days--congrats to Miss Gabby for being day time potty trained!

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