Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sleep Deprived

Dear Nate,

I'm sorry I complained about getting up three or four times a night. I know that rolling is a neat new skill, but can you stop doing it at night and then getting so mad about it? Please forgive me and end this punishment. I don't like getting up ten times a night.

Yours exhaustedly,


KentuckyGam said...

I hope he slept a little more last night.

Kristy said...

It was better, thankfully. We'll see how the next couple of days go, with extra people here.

Kate said...

Hey Kristy!

I hope this note finds you well. In an attempt to create a blog for a project for school, I am seeking your help. How did you add the slideshow, the pictures at the top of the blog, and pictures in the text?

Thanks so much for your help.


Kristy said...


The slide show: I created the slide show at photobucket and then pasted in their code in the side bar (in the page elements--add a gadget)--I did edit the size in the html down to width 240 and height 360. (anywhere you see the words width or height, just replace with those #s if your slide show isn't fitting).

Pics at top: I put the pictures together in PowerPoint and then saved them together to create the collage (select all, group together, right clicking, save picture as). To insert them go to add & arrange page elements--edit header, replace title and description with picture from your computer.

When you are writing an entry, there is a tool bar at the top of the box for your entry (if you are in compose, not html). There is a picture of a mountain and tree, click on it and add up to 5 pictures at a time. They will automatically load to the top of the entry, but you can move them once they are in--just cut and paste them.

If you need more help let me know. Good luck with your project!

Kate said...

Thanks so much Kristy! In the next few days pictures will be added. Here is the link if you have any spare time on your hands......http://www.centrecollegeasb2010.blogspot.com/ (considering you have 3 kids, I am sure there is a ton of that :)Congratulations on Nashville. I look forward to meeting the newest Stace.