Friday, March 5, 2010

Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind

Recently Justin had to go out of town for a whole day. I'm not sure how people who have spouses who travel frequently do it, by the way. Justin and I lived separately around the time Kate turned one while I was selling our house and he'd moved ahead of me, but with three kids... I had to put the kids to bed alone two evenings; it's a bit of a challenge with a baby in the mix. I guess part of it is that it just disrupted our routine, as we are used to having him here every evening.

The girls and I worked on some art work to sneak into his suitcase so he would find it while he was away.

Kate drew a picture of our family. It turned out really well. She drew me first and started to get a little bored before she moved on to everyone else, so there is a lot more detail on me than anyone else...

The circles are everyone's eyes--everyone has brown, except me (true), but I'm not sure why she drew me as a blonde!

Gabriella drew a rainbow on one side of her paper and a tree on the other.



Sorry, I didn't draw any pretty pictures, just slipped in a photograph of the kiddos and a little note of encouragement with several Bible verses on it.

We're glad to have him home!

Do you do anything special if your spouse goes out of town?

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