Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What a Chore!

My husband and I came from different worlds as far as chores went. I did them and he didn't. Okay, not quite fair. He had to mow half the yard. I don't get that one, I volunteered to mow the yard, so maybe I'm weird any how--don't answer that.

I dusted, vaccumed, cleaned bathrooms, and shared the responsibility of cleaning up after dinner with my sister. and like I said, I voluntarily mowed fairly often.. Until my dad got a riding mower and I wasn't allowed to use it. No need for me to push mow when someone else could ride it, right? I also did some laundry and cooking, though they were not primarily my responsibility

We plan to aim for a good level of chores. But what is that? They certainly aren't going to take over the 400+ loads of laundry a year anytime soon. At the moment Nate's on easy street. His job is to eat, drool, poop, and smile that gummy grin.

But he's so good at his job!

The girls are gophers (they go for this and go for that). They also have to put their milk cups back in the fridge after meals and put away their own toys each night. As they grow older, we'll add in some more chores.

Can these children be forced to scrub pots?

We believe that the chores are important on many levels... The children help with some of the burden that they are creating as a member of the family (not that they themselves are burdens, but that it teaches them that everyone needs to do their share). Chores teach important skills--it's a good thing if our children know how to wash their clothes and boil water. They also teach children responsibility.

What kind of chores did you do? Did you/do you expect your children to do?


ann said...

Funny. Matt and I were just talking about this topic this morning. I think Josiah will basically take over Matt's duties, while I'll still have all of mine to do.

Kristy said...

You're going to have to have another baby to do your chores. :)